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Health Benefits of Singing!
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Health Benefits of Singing!
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Health Benefits of Singing!
Singing is an ancient art. It feels good, and studies
show that singing reduces blood pressure, reduces
stress, reduces pain, enhances well-being, and even
prolongs your life!
We all need a healthy throat energy center. We all
need to communicate feelings that are true. Whether to
defend or express ourselves. When our throat energy is
stagnant, we are not serving ourselves or the world.

Especially for Seniors:
A three-year study shows specific health improvements
for people 55 years of age and older, compared
to a control group.
Singers show a yearly average of:
❖ 30 fewer doctor visits
❖ Fewer eyesight problems
❖ Less incidence of depression
❖ Less need for medication
❖ Fewer falls and other injuries
❖ Feeling better both in daily life and while singing
❖ Better everyday voice quality
❖ Easier breathing
❖ Better posture

All this from singing? YES!!!
Obviously at any age, singing is a positive influence
on our body's energy!