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How I became "Faerie Elaine of the Silver Stream"

I have been asked many times over the years about my Faerie connection, and I am happy to now share about this here on my website.  A few years ago I wrote the following article that appeared in a few metaphysical newsletters and websites.  Enjoy the ride.....

Faeries Are Gathering
© 2004 and 2008 Elaine Silver (Faerie Elaine of the Silver Stream)
Additional contributions by Suzanne Keith, A.K.A Sweet Pea Faerie

    Yes folks, this article is being written by a real, live, professional Faerie.  In my Faerie life, I am known as Faerie Elaine of the Silver Stream, and I work with children and “grown ups” to open the doors of enchantment, vision and real magic to those who wish to greet the “Faerie within.”

    As Elaine Silver, I have been a full time performing musician, songwriter and recording artist for many years, working in concert settings at festivals, art centers, churches, schools and other venues.  Since the mid 1980s, I have been targeting my performances to metaphysical audience members and those with open hearts.  In the late ‘80s, I began working with many children, and continued my quest to sing for and with people who love and affirm life and light.

    In the early ‘90s in northern New Jersey, the Faeries came into my life in the most wonderful way.  It started when the Faerie Sisters, Sweet Pea Faerie and Histabell were brought into my consciousness.  They had been working together locally with children for a few years when through a dream of Histabell’s, the invisible Faeries began to impart inspiring information and transformational data to these two.  After thousands of kids were brought into the world of Faeries by the Sisters, Sweet Pea and Histabell began to recognize that adults were also hungry to share in the experience, and many were subsequently initiated into the Faerie Realm.  This is where I was drawn in and my life has never been the same since I officially became a Faerie.

    Not long after that time, Histabell found another dream to fulfill and has since flown off to a far away place.   It was then that Sweet Pea and I began working together as the Faerie Sisters, and I took on the name Faerie Elaine of the Silver Stream, sometimes adding "of Consciousness."  (I had already established my music marketing name of Silver Stream Music and The Silver Stream of Consciousness.) 

    We made many public appearances, transformed lots of people into Faeries, gave Faerie Blessings, wrote a musical play and founded the Infinity Moon Circle.  This is a monthly gathering that continues to meet on the new moon to celebrate the cycles of the Earth and to honor the sacredness within each of us.  More recently, Sweet Pea’s Faerie activities have become restricted due to work and family obligations as the mother of three children.  

    The Faerie Movement is Alive and Well!

    A “Faerie Movement” is alive and well and flourishing all over the world!  By surrendering to the joys of believing in magic, you are invited to open your heart and mind, give your heart wings and take the Faerie Pledge, which acknowledges the divinity in ourselves and in each another.  Our thoughts and words can and do make a difference, and this is a vehicle for each of us to take a stand for infinite possibility and goodness.

    The Faerie Pledge
    © Elaine Silver Music, BMI

    My pledge is to the Faeries
    To Peace and Harmony
    And to the Global Vision
    Uniting you and me
    For Faeries’ love is joyous
    They bring sweet energy
    They touch our inner child
    They live in you and me
    Yes, I believe in magic
    I can choose a Faerie name
    My heart is full and open
    As I play the Faerie game
    For the blessings of the Faerie Realm
    Reminding you and me
    We can create a sacred sharing
    For all the world to see
(The Faerie Pledge is also available musically
on the Faeries Are Gathering CD)

    Accepting oneself as a Faerie is a journey of self-realization and discovery.  And by choosing a Faerie name, each person feels and expresses her or his own personal connection to what is meaningful, life affirming and joyous.  Your name is your soul vibration, and some of the names people have come up with have been wonderfully freeing and enlightening.  Some examples include: Stargazer; Moonspinner; Faerie Athena of the Sacred Dance; The Faerie of Blessings; Harmony, Bringer of World Peace; Faerie Willow, Goddess of the Labyrinth; Faerie of the Healing Waters; Krystinia of Fey; and the list goes on and on and on.  This is where you can declare your own unique union with the magical world of Faeries.  I recently facilitated a Faerie Gathering in California where one of the participants was having a challenge coming up with her Faerie name.  She wanted me to name her.  I encouraged her to look around and look inside to see and feel just what it is that brings her joy and loving feelings.  It was so amazing to witness her consciously open to the creative flow and call forth her own name!  It was a wonderful demonstration for the group as well.  We are all connected to Source Energy and can consciously tap in anytime we choose.

    Faeries are Everywhere!

    Faeries are everywhere, and once one becomes part of the Faerie Realm, this truth becomes even more apparent.  Faerie sight begins to develop and it is no longer possible to take for granted the patterns that dance through shadows and sunlight, the whispers heard in a breeze or sparkles on the water.  The Faeries are the consciousness that creates beauty in our world.  They are the keepers of the planet, moving the energy through tiny shoots and blooms, pushing clouds across the sky and lovingly tending to nature.  The Faeries are elemental and are the energies that manifest in the form of flowers, sparkling crystals, streams of moonlight, lightning bugs and glistening waters.  They are present wherever there is a spark or fire.  For Faeries are the flames of Infinite Knowledge, as eternal and deep as the Earth herself.

    Through oral tradition, art and literature these magical beings have caught the attention and imagination of millions for aeons.  They are not limited to age, gender, culture, religion or lifestyle, and there are lots of theories about Faeries.  In addition, there are books and articles written about the different types of Faeries, but I choose to accept the positive and helpful roles that these invisible beings and forces of nature have contributed to the lives of so many believers. 

    A Calling to Faerieland
    Have you ever found yourself daydreaming for what seems like a few seconds, when it turned out to be five or ten minutes?  This is a calling to Faerieland.   This is the same state that Rip Van Winkle found that he was in when he dozed off under a tree for an hour but woke up twenty years later.   When one is in that altered state of consciousness, he or she is often said to be “pixie-eyed,” and time speeds up.  Some of us also have memories of being in the Faerie Realm, as stated in the following original song:

In Days Gone By
 ©  Elaine Silver Music, BMI

In days gone by
When all could fly
We knew the ways of Faerie
We loved to dance
The inner trance
And all of life was merry
So free in our flight
By day and by night
We soared both high and far
With shining bright wings
Of glimmering light
We sparkled like the stars

In days gone by
With wisdom high
Our pathway was enchanted
With powers real
Our gifts could heal
Good wishes all were granted
Flames glowing bright
Sharing the light
Transforming with our will
How I remember
Those burning embers
We are Faeries still

    Infinite time
    All are divine
    Truth is what we see
    When we manifest
    Our highest and best
    We live in harmony

In days gone by
When all could fly
We knew the ways of Faerie
We loved to dance
The inner trance
And all of life was merry
Flames glowing bright
Sharing the light
Transforming with our will
How I remember
The burning ember
We are Faeries still
Don’t you remember
The burning ember
We are Faeries still

    Faerie Elaine Silver is a seasoned performer, touring musician, recording artist, musical minister, Ordained Divinity and Faerie Priestess.  She combines her beautiful voice and Spirit with metaphysical teachings to present healing concerts, Sunday services with a musical lesson, workshops and ritual that utilize energies of the heart, body, mind and spirit.   


"Faeries Are Gathering" is a compilation of 13 Faerie-related songs, written and collected over 13 years.  Available through this website and on CDBaby.com, iTunes, Amazon.com, etc.