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Faerie Elaine's newest forthcoming CD!


A collection of Elaine's Beatles covers including a live recording of her highly acclaimed program Spirituality and The BEATLES.

Elaine IS a Certified Beatleologist through Beatles University.


 Selections include:

Studio versions: Fab Four, Fab Four Karaoke, Across the UniverseOh My Love, I Will.

Live: Spirituality and The BEATLES Presentation including:

Here Comes the Sun, All You Need is LoveAcross the Universe, All Things Must Pass, Let It Be, With A Little Help from My Friends, Imagine.


To pre-order:

Costs include Shipping.  

$20 for one CD / $30 for Two / $45 for three, etc...

Ten or more are $10 each 


 Please call the office with credit card info.  Text or email the address:










The  E R N E S T  CD came out FANTASTIC!
THANKS to all who pre-purcahsed and post-purchase!


Be a Faerie's Angel by supporting
her latest forthcoming CD:

Elaine's forthcoming CD entitled "E R N E S T" is a compendium of 18 songs inspired by and"co-written" with New Thought guru and creator/author of thScience of Mind textbook and many other mind, soul and heart-opening books and articles.
Scheduled to be released in conjunction with Elaine obtaining her Science of Mind Practitioner's license as well as commemorating 25+ years in this divine Teaching.
If you would like to financially support the new recording project, 
there are a few ways to do so:
1. Sending a minimum amount of $25 entitles you to your copy of
the "E R N E S T"  CD hot off the press, as soon as it is completed.
Please advise if you would like an autographed copy. 

2. Send $100 - $499 and get 2 copies of the CD as soon as "E R N E S T" is
completed, as well as your name in the credits on the CD as a Benefactor.

3. Send $500 - $999 and receive 6 copies of the CD "E R N E S T" 
and get your name in the credits on the CD as an Angel Benefactor.

4. $1000 exalts the giver to title of Archangel in the credits and
she/he receives 12 copies of the "E R N E S T"  CD, a complete set of
Elaine's available CDs, as well as a live concert in the location of your choice (travel additional.)

You decide the amount. The sky is the limit! 

All shipping is included. 

Please make checks payable to Elaine Silver and send to: 

Elaine Silver
Silver Stream Music 
PO Box 865
Sarasota, FL  34230
(Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover also accepted, please call

Blessings and love to you, my beloved friends,
fans and family around the world.


Goddess Guide Us is Divine!


Thank you for your interest in the many female deities that are sung about on the disk.  It is available in CD format or as a download.  Download cards/links are available.

The Only Real Power CD is FABULOUS!


Thank you fans, family and family of choice for your loving support and encouragement.

This CD took many years to complete and I am thrilled with the entire project.

Blessings, love and much appreciation.  2015.


To Order Elaine's CDs, Click here.

THANKS for all your love and
generous support with this
most recent heart & soul-felt project. 2013.
Contact us for your copy(s) here:




"Touch The Earth"
THANK YOU!!  "Touch The Earth" is now available and came out GREAT! 
Thanks for all the support in bringing this dream to fruition.  2010.