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"Elaine Silver is the BEST thing since sliced bread!" and other (real) Testimonials

What “they” are saying about Elaine Silver...

“Elaine Silver's music opens my heart, big time.  Treat yourself to the riches of her soul.” 

Alan Cohen, best-selling author, The Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore 

“...Fantastic!  That was one of those moments, when she was singing I Will, and the room -- there was one heartbeat in this room.  It was one of those moments that we live for.  That was so beautiful.  Wasn't that gorgeous?  Elaine Silver.”

Marianne Williamson, best-selling author, A Woman's Worth

“Elaine Silver's music has the power to induce you into a deep state of Love.”

-don Miguel Ruiz, best-selling author, The Four Agreements

“...great! ...wonderful!  ...fantastic!”       

Neale Donald Walsch, best-selling author, Conversations With God

“Metaphysical singer Elaine Silver has a voice like a sweet bell.  In fact, I never metaphysical singer like her.”       

Swami Beyondananda, Cosmic Comic and Author

“This is the voice of an angel... She sings about everyday life, love, the Earth, the Universe and...  Heaven.  It is a relief to hear these positive words.”  

Roger Nupie, Spokesman, International Nina Simone Society

"Elaine Silver is a beautiful musical conduit for transformational singing. Hear voice is as clear and pure as her soul and her songs will make you tingle all over with heavenly energy. She is a mesmerizing artist with essential gifts to share." 

John Maxwell Taylor, author of The Power of I Am  

"Elaine's music increases awareness of what matters in life!  The joyful presence she shares with her audience is an invitation to BE your own pure light."

Rev. Pat Palmer, Director of Youth and Family Ministry, Unity in Marin, CA

“I cannot think of anyone better suited than Elaine to help open our new Peace and Wellness Center at the dedication.  Every song contained wonderfully appropriate lyrics, and the community singing really raised the vibratory rate in the room and on the entire island!”

Denise Downing, President, KeysToPeace.org, Tavernier, FL

“I don't believe I've ever heard a cappella singing done quite so beautifully.  That was stupendous!”

Reverend Bob Marshall, Unity Church of Christianity, Orlando, FL

"The first time I heard Elaine sing, my Spirit was awakened.  I felt uplifted, inspired and moved by her magical and musical gifts."       

Liz Sterling, Writer, Radio Talk Show Host and Motivational Speaker

“‘Faerie’ Elaine Silver gives me the inspiration to be myself!”

Reverend Pat King, Religious Science International

“Elaine Silver instinctively understands how to use her music to enhance the content of a speaker’s message.  The tandem of my speaking and Elaine's music helped the audience to quickly shift themselves into joyful alignment with the content and theme of our weekend retreat: Blissful Abundance!  The vibration of everyone lifted effortlessly through her music, humor, and smile throughout the event, and she chose exactly the right songs to share at exactly the right moments.”     

Mary Gates, CEO, Open Gates LLC, and Director of the Blissful Abundance Retreats, Pierre, SD

“I honor what ‘Faerie’ Elaine gives to people and what she does for their hearts.  She's always such a joy and a wondrous gift to life.  I just love when we have fun together!  She is always welcome at our center.”                                               

Reverend Duffy Rutledge, Center of Spiritual Awareness, Sarasota, FL

“Elaine has a unique and memorable way of presenting Science of Mind concepts with her ‘Truth Principles Through Music’ program which she shared at a recent Sunday service.  Her ability to engage our entire congregation added an extra dimension to our celebration.  The positive comments were too numerous to count!”   

Cindy deLassus, Secretary, Jacksonville Church of Relgious Science, FL

“Elaine Silver has a clear, high and perfect sound...like the sound of fine crystal.  She combines this delicate vocal instrument with lyrics from the heart... And when she sings...this reviewer melts.”        

Richard Fuller, Senior Editor, Metaphysical Reviews

“Thank you for your work in promoting Faerie Elaine Silver.  She's a favorite in our genre for the sweet enchantment she brings and she's a delight to interact with.”

Andrea de Michaelis, Publisher, Horizons Magazine

“I love the sweet clarity and spiritual authenticity of Elaine Silver’s music.  Whenever I listen to her CDs she welcomes me into peace, love, harmony and joy with the tenderness of her vocal textures, which profoundly open me to union with Spirit.”

Marion Larson, Fan and CPL member, Sarasota, FL

Elaine received a standing ovation from Deepak Chopra and the entire audience when she opened for him at his seminar in Tarpon Springs, FL.

More Endoresments for Elaine’s Music and Spirit...

“I often work on the internet and listening simultaneously to Elaine’s sweet and uplifting music.  I am very grateful for her soft, deep, mindful, touching and spiritual musical contribution.  I really love it.” 
Oliver Zoelke, Fan, Germany

“Elaine’s music and inspiring mantras help people to restore their faith in themselves.”
Delane Lipka, Visionary Director, Mt. Eden Retreat, Washington, NJ

“I played Elaine’s ‘Faerie Goddess’ CD over hundreds of traveling miles as I drove my husband to and from chemotherapy treatments.  It was the only music that totally relaxed him and eased his pain.  He said it worked better than morphine to comfort him.” 
Theresa Hobbs, Oklawaha, FL

“I will always be grateful for Elaine and her ability to put her heart and passion into her work.  When I need to be inspired, I simply listen to her music.  It is one of the greatest gifts I ever received.”     
David Morrow, Fan, Sarasota, FL

“Elaine’s song, ‘Divine Emotion’ is by far the MOST beautiful song I have ever heard.  As a spiritual healer and intuitive, I use her song to get me into the ‘zone,’ to connect with Spirit before a healing session.  I am grateful for her beautiful gift of song.”
Rev. Rosanne Gauthier, Ft. Myers, FL

“Elaine’s “Art of Peace” CD has been an important tool in my healing process over the past two years when I was diagnosed with a terminal lung cancer and given about 10 weeks to live.  Chemotherapy was the only treatment option and so my journey began.  Elaine’s music helped me through recovery from each of six long chemotherapy treatments which physically incapacitated me for three weeks each time.   My doctor did not honestly expect me to survive.  The lung cancer has gone into remission and continues to shrink and I have received radiation this summer for a bone tumor which is now healing.  Elaine’s  music played such an important part in my healing that I purchased 12 copies for Christmas gifts to my children and relatives last year.  I told them that each time they played your CD it was a prayer for healing my body and soul.  I truly feel the Holy Spirit allowed our paths to cross.
 Monia Christo, Martinsburg, WV

“One of the most joyful times I spent in the past year was attending a concert with Elaine Silver at Ananda Ashram on Christmas Eve.  I don't talk much about it but I am in constant pain from the neuropathy in my legs and, for an hour and a half, there was no pain what ever!  She has, again, reminded me that the joy is IN the music.”
Scott Gordon, Wycoff, NJ

"This workshop ('Sing the Steps To Oneness' presented at Unity of Venice, FL), coming as I was mired in the grief and despair of a recent death in the family, has shown me how to reaffirm my Oneness with God, and to reconnect with the abundance and gratitude I have in my life.  Using Elaine's guidance, through song and Spiritual Mind Treatment,  I have been able to creatively choose hope and clarity over depression, release my despair and reclaim my place in a loving Universe.  For me, this workshop was without a doubt, one of the most effective I've ever enjoyed."                               
 Ann-Marie Mercon, Nokomis, FL
“Elaine Silver's music is so spirutually uplifiting. Simple songs, words and melodies, are combined with deep heart-level power!  I sing, ‘I am filled with the Light of a Thousand Angels’ on my walk to work in the morning and truly, ‘Joy is in my heart!’ I have been so blessed to hear her sing at Unity Church in Albany. Her songs deepen my connection to God.”
John Frederick, Albany, NY

"I feel honored to be traveling in this life time at the same moment with such an inspirational channel named Elaine Silver."
Ann Bilsky, Unity of Venice, FL
 "Elaine’s voice is lovely and inspirational.  It fills my home like liquid prayer."  
Pamela Falciani, New Jersey
"I really appreciate Elaine's music, as it daily inspires me and reminds me of my I Am connection to All That Is.  During this crazy financial crisis and concerns a person could get a bit crazy nervous.  All I need to do is listen to her music and then I remember the Truth and feel so much better.  Elaine is a treasure and I am so glad I have her music to listen to on a daily basis."
Teri Endres, Sarasota, FL
"During a difficult time when my husband was going through a serious health challenge, I would often play Elaine’s CDs while driving to and from work.  Even at my lowest point, I felt uplifted and reminded of my connection to Source.  Each day Elaine reminds me of who I am and the love that I come from.  I am forever grateful to her for her love, her words and her music."    
Melissa Cleary, Shalimar, FL