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Elaine Silver's Concerts, Workshops and Programs


Concerts, Workshops and School Assembly Programs:

There is a pathway to Truth and Healing that occurs when one begins to open the heart and look inside.  Elaine’s beautiful voice and poignant songwriting have the ability to facilitate that heart opening and bring us into an awareness of our Oneness and into our own Power.  Many have reported healing effects after being in her presence and hearing her sing.  We also tap into the Infinite Source of Abundance, Prosperity, Joy, Love, Light, Peace, Beauty, Wisdom and Empowerment.  
Activities that may be used include, but are not limited to: vocal warmups, pranayama (breathing), centering, musical participation (no experience required), chanting, exploring intentions and other forms of inquiry, and creating sacred space. 
Truth Principles Shared Through Music:

Music is the language of the soul. New Thought Philosophy teaches belief in Oneness and that we are all individualizing expressions of Spirit in our own unique physical forms. Combine these two powerful modalities and you have an inspiring and heartfelt program of "Truth Principles Shared Through Music." Elaine Silver, who is a seasoned performer and recording artist, and has completed all course work for Science of Mind Practitioner through Religious Science International (Now Centers For Spiritual Living). For many years she has combined her beautiful voice and Spirit with Truth teachings. She briefly lectures on particular subjects or principles and then presents musical interpretations, often using audience participation. This engages the heart, body, mind and spirit, as well as some refreshing humor, for a delightful and deep sacred experience.

Her workshop "Getting In Touch With Your Inner Magic - A Divine Path" also utilizes breath work, movement, mudra, chanting, toning and ritual, and includes full participation. We not only get in touch with our own inner Magic or Spirit, there is often profound healing as hearts and minds are expanded and opened to Infinite Possibility.

Elaine has worked with many famous New Thought authors including Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsh (Conversations With God), don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements), Alan Cohen and Wayne Dyer.

Celebrating the Spirit Within is a concert of songs and activities that express and honor the Divine Presence within each of us. Be ready to open hearts and voices to join in and sing out. Grown Ups' Event.

"Flashback To the '60s - A Coffeehouse" - This is an enchanting evening of particpation and song that brings back the flavor of the 1960s, in a traditional coffeehouse setting. Come dressed in your favorite '60s garb; peace signs, bell bottoms, flowers in your hair, and be prepared to reminisce. Great fundraiser. General audiences. Far out, man.
Faerie Circle / Faerie Gathering with "Faerie" Elaine Silver:
A Faerie Circle Gathering is an inspiring, playful event where participants have the opportunity to give their hearts wings and get in touch with their own "Inner Faerie," while opening to Infinite possibilities. As we gather around a simple alter, ancient and new ceremonial rituals are performed including, but not limited to, calling in of the directions, passing of the sacred blessing cup, singing, chanting, breathing, movement and the passing of the talking stick. We begin to bridge the gap between "reality" and "fantasy" as we then take the Faerie Pledge and each choose a Faerie name. These activities are designed to open the heart and mind and bring awareness to the Divine Truth of our being. The workshop includes lots of musical participation. Two to two and a half hour (or longer, if needed) presentation. Participants are encouraged to "dress Faerie" and to bring a special item to place on the altar and then take home. Both are optional.
Family-Friendly Programs and School Assembly Themes:

Patchwork Possibilities is a "generic" kid's program that may be just the prescription your class or group needs. The program is drawn from the most popular songs from all of the shows listed below and can be custom tailored to your age, thematic, seasonal, classroom or group requirement.

The Hug A Tree show is designed to help make kids aware of the environment and ways to help preserve Mother Nature for future generations. We celebrate the Earth with lots of sing-a-longs, audience participation and questions and answers. K - Adult.

Let's Get Along - Conflict Resolution is a school asembly program designed to assist the children in working out their differences in peaceful, non-threatening ways. Music, movement and interactive question and answer segments are used to create sometimes new paradigms of compassion, cooperation and empowerment. Grades 2 - 6.

Faeries, Dreams and Other Friends is a general music show that also introduces children to the enchanting world of Faeries. All are invited to take the Faerie Pledge, become "Planet Earth Helpers" and are "sprinkled" with "Faerie Elaine's" Magic Dust while being offered a special wish. This show is perfect for birthday and family celebrations. Goody Bags available. All ages.

Present a Teddy Bears' Picnic for families. Each family brings a picnic lunch or dinner and blanket to this special musical event. Entrance is given only to those individuals (or families) who bring their Teddy bears. Our finale is The Teddy Bears' Picnic. Be prepared to sing along and participate fully. Teddy Bear necklaces available at a discount. Great fundraiser!

World Peace Assemblies are programs created with Harmony Ananda, the Florida State representative for the World Peace Prayer Society. The children learn dances, songs and activities from many cultures which serve to break down racial barriers, cultivate acceptance, and foster a spirit of cooperation, with no religious overtones. Also offered are events that promote self-esteem and respect for others, the power of positive speech and actions, a flag ceremony, a Peace Pole planting and Dances of Universal Peace. Our thoughts and actions can and do make a difference. As we learn this special message, and embody this information, we each help to create a better world for all. A presentation could be a 45 to 50 minute program to an all day affair or residency with hands-on workshops. All ages.

"Faerie" Elaine Silver has been presenting concerts and workshops for more than 20 years for and with hundreds of thousands of people throughout North America and Europe. She is a full time musician, songwriter, recording artist, Faerie Priestess and an award winning Folk Performer. Her events emphasize personal growth and healing, which are translated to the audience through the music and full participation. Elaine is a passionate student of metaphysics and Truth Principles, offering a variety of programs to a wide range of age groups.