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Host a House Concert with "Faerie Elaine" in your own living room or Community Center. This is a wonderful and very affordable way to present top-notch entertainment in your space.

Present A House Concert with "Faerie" Elaine Silver!

Yes, this is becoming a very popular and wonderful venue for concert artists who are traveling through your area. It is also an inexpensive way for you to provide top notch entertainment at your gathering.

What you provide:

* Assistance with carrying equipment at load in and load out.
* Access to the space at least 90 minutes prior to showtime.
* $10 to $15 from each person (you can collect a bit more to assist you in covering costs of refreshments and promotion)
* A long table for Elaine's CD and products sales.
* A guarantee of at least 20 to 25 people (or the financial equivalent); details can be worked out later. This is for local gigs ONLY in peoples' homes or when she is in your area.

You can also present this as a Pot-Luck event where your guests provide some of the refreshments.

What Elaine provides:

* A professional concert
* A poster master for you to reproduce
* A fun event that brings blessings, joy, love and light
* An energy raising vibration to your home or center brought on by the Healing energy of this Magical event.

Silver Stream Music
email: ESilver888 at AOL dotcom