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Silver Stream of Consciousness


The Silver Stream of Consciousness is a sole proprietorship owned and operated by award-winning musican Elaine Silver. Through her numerous recordings and concert appearances that showcase her crystal-clear and angelic voice, Elaine's work has brought her closer to her own Angels and into the Faerie realm.

She is also known as "Faerie Elaine of the Silver Stream" and performs with and for many age groups, ranging from pre-schoolers to seniors. She has developed a product line that includes her critically acclaimed tapes and CD's, her "Magic Dusts," Faerie and Angel jewelry and other items.

Magic Dust and Other Products


Magic Dust (TM) Products

Sprinkle liberally to call upon the Faeries, the Angels of Light and Prosperity (includes instructions) $5 per package. Discounts on large orders. Please inquire.




Bumper Sticker - $4 each / 2 for $7 / 3 for $10 includes shippingin the USA.
Large DISCOUNT for orders of 25 or more. 
Wholesale inquiries welcome.


Retail prices above include postage and handling.
USA Funds only

(Call for Credit Card orders)

Send check or money order payable to
Elaine Silver

Silver Stream of Consciousness
PO Box 865 
Sarasota, FL  34239  USA 

Telephone: 941.320.0895

Email: Elaine AT ElaineSilver dotcom
(Coded this way to avoid spam)
Wholesale inquiries welcome.